Top 5 Casino Dealer Interview Questions and Answers

We’re gonna look at the top five most common questions that are asked in casino dealer interviews and plan answers.

What times can you work?

There is a really simple process to follow that will one impress the hiring manager and massively increase your chances of getting the job.

The first thing you’re gonna do is make sure you can show off as much flexibility as possible, they’re looking for people that are going to be able to come in at the times that they need.
Secondly, show off that you are super dedicated to the job if you start wheeling off a load of times that you can’t do and times you don’t want to work they question your dedication, and your chances of getting the job fly right down.

The third thing is aware of the times that that casino operates and the times that are really busy and the times that are difficult to staff if you can hit all of those key points and hit those key times ensure that you can be there at the times that are difficult to staff and are popular you’re going to be basically checking off all the things the manager wants to see.

So some great things to mention if you mention all of these you’re going to really strengthen your answer first thing to talk about is obviously people play when they are not working so Monday or Friday is absolutely not the times to expect to be working the times that you’re going to be working and that they want you to be available for work our evenings at weekends, holidays, very late at night and very very early in the morning so these are either the times that are popular or slightly more difficult to staff and so mention all of these if possible.

If there are any times you can’t work do not mention it let them bring it up don’t bring up anything you can’t do always focus on what you can do, be positive and show off that flexibility and you’ll do well. For the casino dealer job specifically, a good thing to talk about is being able to perform well at antisocial times so if you’re good at working very late at night or you’ve got experience working night shifts or anything like that but some casinos operate literally tenuously they never close and if you can show some evidence of being able to work well at those times that’s not just answering this question well it’s also giving them another reason to hire.

What relevant work experience do you have?

The first thing is any work experience at all you should always get in your answer, don’t leave out any jobs mention all of the jobs that you’ve had, and find some way to make them relevant, find some way to link them. There are very very few jobs that are not at all relevant to casino dealing.
There are jobs that involve working with people, jobs that involve working with customers, jobs that involve working with numbers, jobs that involve standing up for a long time any of those things you can link to the job of the casino dealer, so look through all of your work experience and find a link.

The second thing you can talk about which does not technically work experience but it’s worth mentioning you’ve got experience of being on the other side as a player and you have a customer perspective on it and you know what a good dealer looks like and you’ve experienced. That’s also something that’s well worth mentioning in this answer, but mention it last after you’ve detailed all the work experience and directly answered the question.

In the middle of it is any customer-focused experience so if you’ve worked in retail customer-facing that’s really great experience got experience dealing with customers that are so important slightly better being more specific is food and beverage that’s where F&B or hospitality, so for example working in a hotel, working in a bar, working in food service – they are all great things to mention. Because often dealers don’t start off just doing dealing, they may be involved in food and beverage and get other rules as well that they have to do obviously the absolute best is any experience working in a casino or working as a dealer.
If you’re looking to break into the industry as a dealer it’s not a bad idea to get a job working in a casino in another role you know as a server and then moving to casino dealer so keep those two options open because that’s a fabulous experience that will really help you land that job.

Questions about your knowledge

It’s impossible to predict exactly what the casino will ants will ask you, but here’s a rough idea of what you should be planning. So you should be aware of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat because they are the most common games that you may be involved in.

So for blackjack know about the basic rules you know basic strategy, what’s make sure you can discuss things like the insurance bet, and a good thing to also get in there is sure you’ve got a basic knowledge of card counting and you could detect someone that was card counting you know they’re getting very large amounts and then very small amounts and there you’ve got the count running positive the negative.

So look up this watch a youtube video on it and make sure you know all of the rules of blackjack and are aware of card counting you could talk about that because going the extra mile really makes you stand out. So we’ve got the first one is basic rules so know the basic rules of all the games but that’s not going to impress them.

Go one step further so that relate know the basic rules, but then talk about the probabilities you know. What’s the probability it lands on zero or double zero, what’s the probability of winning any number bet, what’s the probability of betting on a row, not all of that, and having an awareness of that’s really helpful.

Baccarat one fact you could talk about is it’s got a very low house edge so that’s why people really like it the advantage the casino has is very small in that game so people really like to play it for that reason. And then some things to get in on dealing is knowing what makes a good dealer and being able to discuss you know what a really good dealer should be and if you’ve got any experience manipulating cards usually in a casino dealt from a shoe so any card tricks are not particularly useful but having a little bit of a practice dealing from a shoe-in case you’re asked to do anything like that.

And one of the top tips is to look at simulator games you can find online simulators of casino games so you can practice playing them as a player and that will help you recall in the interview how these games work and so just literally download one or find one online and just play all of these games until you’ve got the rules nailed.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

There is a basic strategy like all of these that get you to nail these questions so the first thing you want to show is that you are highly competent in your current job. So before we’re going on to talk about what you’re going to do in five years’ time, talk about being a really amazing dealer and that’s your priority now and you’re going to be developing that over the next five years you’re sure that you’ve got some sort of plan you know how you’re gonna be better and after one year how you gonna be better after two years and having goals that you’re looking with rough timetables.

And a good thing to talk about is the road to plus one and for a dealer usually, that’s the idea of being a pit boss so not just dealing but overseeing other dealers as being where you think you might be able to head in five years time and be conscious that one of the people involved in the interview might be a pit boss themselves so tread carefully.

And the last thing to do on this question is come across as arrogant, so a bad answer is assuming a promotion and assuming that you’ve definitely got the job and that comes across expecting a promotion is a really bad way.

“In five years’ time I will be a pit boss” is not the right way you talk about earning the promotion, how are you gonna be amazing as a dealer, that means you could be involved in training other people, so you’ve such a good dealer that you can actually train other people to be amazing.

And the absolute worst thing to talk about is leaving the industry and you’d be surprised how many people do it they’re like in five years’ time I don’t want to be a dealer, I’m just doing this to get through college after I’ve done that I’m leaving.

That is a terrible answer sure you’re not committed they’re not going to develop you and you’re not gonna have a lasting impact on the company so you’re really setting yourself up to fail if you mentioned that if you do plan on leaving the industry that’s not the sort of thing to talk about in an interview.

So if you follow the good side and you ignore and avoid needing everything on the bad side that will set you up for success on this question.

How would you deal with a difficult customer?

There is a three-step process that if you get all of these things in you’re gonna satisfy them with a good answer.
The first thing you’re gonna focus on is making sure that you’re always trying to keep guests happy and that you want everyone to have a great experience because the bottom line for a casino is happy customers. “Stay longer and spend more” – that is the business that they are in.

You also want to talk about being solutions focused you’re looking at identifying the issue that that customer has and finding some way of solving it that’s going to make that customer happy again. So find their issue and then find the resolution, but while you’re doing that talk about how you’re going to follow the company’s policy so you can be aware of the company’s policies and you are going to follow them at all times respectfully and politely.

So for example for the solutions focus part you’re going to talk about listening to the customer because if a customer is angry the first thing they want you to do is just want you to listen you just have to listen and let them get out what they need to say.

Because if you start intervening before you’ve listened to them you’re going to widen them up more. While you’re listening to them you’re gonna identify all their issues and the next step is to resolve them, but the most important thing is you’ve always got to follow the company’s policy. For example, you can’t refund losses if someone has lost money in the casino and they’re upset about it you can’t give them any money back or offer a give them any money back because that doesn’t exactly follow the business model of the casino.

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