The Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming Review

The Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming Review

The Mega Moolah Slot is one of the most prominent casino slots of all time, which has given a chance to become a millionaire for many people.

The slot is developed by Microgaming in 2006. This casino game will immerse you into a world of the African savannah where while demos can bring your nut on with the healing of danger, but also insane rewards and a lot of positive emotions.

All of these things happen on a traditional playground grid of five reels and three rows featuring 25 pair lines.

Players can choose a minimum bet of 25 cents to start spinning the wheels and getting winning combinations. If the sum is not enough, there is an option to raise a stake up to 6.25.
In some way, you may assume how can this tiny bet lead you to a massive winning pool nonsense unique bonus features with a mind-blowing winning potential.

First of all the Mega Moolah slot features a bonus game with free spins – you need to get a match of three or more scatters during a base game in order to enter this board.

The number of three rounds is fixed and equals 15, but you can double it if you have at least three skater symbols during these three rounds.

But this isn’t the most remarkable thing about this game – progressive jackpot will it’s a thing, you need to pay attention to it appears randomly and provides players with an opportunity to spin this jackpot wheel and get one out of four progressive jackpots.

Meaning minor, major, or mega if you are lucky enough to stop a pointer on a mega jackpot you will scream from happiness and becomes a millionaire instantly.


One British soldier who attempted a lot in this slide in 2015 was flawlessly rewarded with a little sum of over 20 million dollars. Up to date, it is the highest payout of this game, but there are also many people who got two three four, or five million dollars from this Microgaming project, because of this moment it is unofficially called “millionaire-making”.


It is not wondering that this casino game belongs to high volatility games the chance of getting a successful lineup is relatively low

The Mega Moolah slot developed by Micro gaming has given birth to many variations of this game and changed the lives of many players.
Without any doubt, the game developer created a very special game with a very special win condition people will never get tired of it and it’s always exciting to see how the game makes the history of online gambling.

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