SEO trends for iGaming, SEO casino

What is effective in the here and now internal SEO in terms of how we can support our operator partners in our three apartments better for them to rank effectively on Google.

There’s a lot to talk about relationships, but ultimately, after you still do that they come down to your on-site content on-site experience, and also the off-site elements while the links are pointing to your site so that’s familiar to everybody pretty much.

What has changed is how we define the quality of home defined what is effective and what we can take from Google to face value.

Even ten years ago 12 years ago Google talking about quality is talking about doing the right thing, don’t be manipulative, don’t do anything naughty, but if we’re honest, you could do the naughty things and still get rewarded with rankings and traffic and FTD’s and all this type of stuff.

In iGaming people learned to take what Google says with a pinch of salt

In principle, the certain tactics we shouldn’t be doing anymore, so highly aggressive link building, keyword stuffing, all the type of stuff that really doesn’t benefit the user anyway is Madinat another quality and of them, objectively that that could be tricky.

Since the Penguin, Panda, the bird addition last year Google’s becoming more aware of how to determine what content means, what authority is an SEO, and how to reward science basically.

What we can do is focus on what does Google say about on-site content and how can we take you seriously in a way we will actually use metrical results, what we do with off-site content as well to make sure we’re doing something is scalable, something that’s measurable or something there’s actually putting rankings and a better position than they were before, but in a safe way.

Authority and Trust

So one of the concepts goes on about something week we do indoor space they kind of eat methodologies or EAT or principles so talk about equities Authority and Trust.
And that’s something that can be reflected in your content, but the depth you go into, how you back up your statements, how you’re raising human beings, how your qualify what you’re saying the matter that doesn’t just apply to like academic websites like that applies to match previews and tips and scores books.
We know what type of quality looks like in that sense, it’s just about the delivery of it.

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