Salesforce iGaming Solutions – Regulation, Compliance, and Security

Salesforce iGaming Solutions – Regulation, Compliance, and Security

iGaming brands can leverage the solution to adopt and adhere to the various regulations and compliance regulations, and transform player and customer experience.


At the moment because a lot of gaming companies are trying to get a German gaming license, so it’s a really hot topic.

But with Salesforce and with all the likes of these new regulations in Spain and Portugal as well as other European markets it’s now more important that iGaming customers or brands have a scalable and trusted platform to abide by the different laws and regulations with trusted trailblazing partners you can customize your platform to abide by the different regulations, your brand is most aligned to so this allows your agent to deliver a great experience and your dev team to focus on innovation rather than back end updates and patching.

For example QuickSpin up a new business unit for your service reps supporting German players. You can build rules triggers and processes into Salesforce so that you adhere to those laws.


This is sort of similar to regulation with Salesforce and regulation around VIP management you’re not just buying the software, you’re buying compliance so that you can avoid those big penalties and fines that we see so obviously GDPR, fraud risks, and money laundering are all areas Salesforce can help you with. It doesn’t make you compliant, but then rather it helps you be combined and manage compliance over your journey.


With the nature of iGaming employees tend to move around a lot, especially in Malta. There is often the risk here that high-value employees can sometimes leave the business and go to the next brand. By having Salesforce you are ensuring that your data is secure and trusted, can encrypt that data, and provide you with a full audit history of events in your business.
So you can see in real-time if data has been extracted from your business.

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