Salesforce iGaming Solutions – Players’ Experience and VIP management

Salesforce iGaming Solutions - Players' Experience and VIP management

Salesforce service cloud to create a seamless omnichannel experience for your players so that you can engage retain and keep those players for life and avoid churn and you can create customer loyalty as well.

Players’ experience

We’re moving away from the burn and churn employed by brands previously delivering a player experience and now the battleground for the industry or a premi player experience is a battleground for the industry where you can win in key players with Salesforce open API architecture.

You can integrate Salesforce with your gaming backend, Salesforce will then act as your layer of engagement on top of your platform to deliver a seamless experience. All outbound inbound communications will go through Salesforce, so all your cases, emails, live agents, bots, and social feeds can be aggregated to one unified solution.
So that your agents can respond with the right information on the right device in the right channel.

The key message is that by using the Salesforce platform your business will have a 360-degree view of your players so that you can deliver an awesome experience the second one.

VIP management

Several markets are now limiting the amount of communication we can send the uplead players similar to the regulation point. So in order to win these VIP players and keep these players loyal brand must provide a premium experience.

Salesforce gives you the brand gives you a brand of power to capture in real-time a 360-degree view of your player, this means with intelligent reporting and analytics you can at any time give your players or a get a view of your players what the games they’re playing, the tickets they’re lodging, the required docs that they need to upload and we can empower your agents then to support those players’ journeys across the life cycle.

Conversely to this, the intelligent platform backed up by artificial intelligence can identify problem gamblers and make sure that the gamblers are handled in a professional and secure way. Salesforce has seen huge fines across the industry over the past few years as agents weren’t able to identify these gamblers and so now you can build automation and triggers and alerts just stop this before harm is done.

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