Pentasia perspective on hiring in iGaming industry 2022

We don’t have a magic wand and you don’t have any contrary to popular belief because there’s a level of expectation in the talent industry to go and find that talent, it’s not that we have an available pool immediately and instantaneously.

Companies need to invest in their own hiring giving the responsibility or trusting recruiting agencies to support them is one thing, but it’s a partnership, it’s a two-way process.

If considering tightening regulations in Europe, could this put a halt to the industry’s growth on the continent?

Halt is quite a strong word, halter’s stop will it have an impact yes because there are factors that come into play in terms of critical mass where the talent is located.

Is it something that needs to be considered in terms of how to approach the market and hiring processes?
Does it put challenges on the client the candidate and us in partnership to try and support that hiring?
Will it put a halt to it? No, the suggestion that the vast majority of the interest this year to date has been focused around Europe and that trend is to continue.

That is what organizations are doing because you’re absolutely right it is tightening regulatory and compliance across Europe organizations are looking at new markets so there’s still an opportunity to grow it might just not be where they currently are, but that’s still feeding demand for people.

Companies are just having to be more flexible as well around thinking about how they onboard talent, where they find it, where they house it, and the nature of the engagement.

It’s just putting extra pressure around as opposed to we’re just going to build an office in location x and staff that on a five day a week basis it’s changed the mechanics of how companies want to think in action.

The US is opening up now as well is that creating an extra squeeze?

Not it is in their own country, it’s not so much from a European perspective that the difficulty in getting visas for people from Europe to enable them to move to the US. Unless you currently work for an organization that has a location you can move them if you’re trying to put people in or attract with no European location, it’s very very difficult.

What we’re seeing actually is now, that US organizations are looking at setting up a European hub to enable them to get European talent across whether it is a sportsbook, casino technology, or payments in a different way rather than trying to get them to the US which is this is very very difficult, it’s a handful not swathes of people.

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