Loyalty & VIP schemes at Online Casinos Explained

Do you appreciate loyalty?
Does loyalty matter to you when gambling online?

Loyalty and VIP schemes are everywhere and they would benefit you and your gambling.
Benefits of signing up for and engaging with the loyalty and VIP schemes
For some people these loyalty clubs and VIP programs can go unnoticed, so carry on reading as we explain
What they are and why they can make your gambling experience more enjoyable.

What are Loyalty and VIP schemes?

In a nutshell, a loyalty club is a vip scheme or any program of that description in place so that you stay engaged and entertained by a casino or sportsbook will do anything to keep you from gambling at arrival this is the most underlying motive behind loyalty clubs and vip schemes.

How to join loyalty schemes?

Most betting sites automatically enroll you into their loyalty scheme as soon as you register you will be on the lowest tier and the rewards won’t be much but it’s a start.
Nevertheless, it’s fairly straightforward to join one of the schemes.

What to expect from the Schemes?

The concept of these schemes is this the more you wager the better your rewards will be. So what can you expect to receive you can earn many bonuses and gifts from these schemes, such as:

  • Loyalty points to exchange for free bets and bonus money
  • Free bets for achieving a new loyalty level.
  • Cashback rewards by completing certain challenges.
  • Tangible gifts such as mobile phones, tablets, days out, and even holidays.

Why is loyalty important for players and online casinos?

The answer is simple your loyalty means more revenue for the gambling site and less for its rivals, loyalty helps to grow their community of members but this needs to be a two-way street.

Why? You should not have to show your loyalty just to help grow the revenue of the gambling site.
Ask yourself the question what do you get from the deal, make sure the loyalty scheme provides the type of bonus that you like to use.
Don’t just sign up for a loyalty club for the sake of it make sure the club fits your style of gambling.

  • If you play slot games do they offer free spins?
  • If you bet on sports regularly is there a weekly free bet club?
  • If you play live games are they included somehow?

Do you consider yourself to be a High Roller?

Do you play and bet with big stakes? A common tactic used by gambling sites is to monitor the player activity for signs of high rollers, a special team would then pick out those who meet the VIP criteria and invite them into an exclusive club.

But let’s be honest here you need to be depositing large amounts of money regularly week in and week out if you want to have any chance of joining this type of VIP scheme, some sites out there create a tiered system and this allows you to play through and gradually rise up to the vip status, the rewards and gifts get better with every tier until you reach the top.

How do I know which Loyalty scheme is right for me?

These loyalty schemes and programs may all look familiar on the surface, but the terms and conditions will vary from site to site.

Bigger gambling brands can obviously show more generosity than startup brands and so it is your job to review each one to find the right fit.

A quick checklist to check the important details

  • Check the wagering requirements on free bonuses free bets and free spins. Are they easy to clean so that you can convert them into real cash?
  • Is there a weekly minimum deposit or wagering requirement to stay in the club?
  • If so how much do you need to deposit each week to stay in the club?
  • Are there several tiers to progress through that will give you improved bonuses?
  • Is there a dedicated or loyal vip team available to answer your questions?

If they have all these elements it may be the right scheme.
Loyalty is fast becoming a key factor on both sides of the fence the sites want you to stay yet you must demand the best rewards for showing your loyalty.

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