iGaming SEO and Linkbuilding for Casino

Quality in SEO

Quality in SEO is about how to make sure that you are being seen as a resource as a source of answers that people are looking for because Google really wants to give people the right answer and one way that Google does that is through Rich Snippets so they kind of element on a page of Google isolates pulls out from your web page and presents directly in the search engine results.

Actually, it’s a little bit critical as they’re thinking well Google is taking my material and presenting it and denying me is potential traffic and with forty to fifty percent of searches now presenting potential zero-click results this could be quite a troubling situation but the research is actually showing their click-through rate for queries the present answers in Rich Snippets they didn’t have a higher click-through rate on average.

Then sites it doesn’t know what would you need to burn rate is quality content it unsorted entertaining and long-form the prompts are clicked that’s where we can accommodate the queries for people who are doing structured show intent to research or evaluate multiple options.

So in iGaming that could be looking for

  • best odds
  • offers
  • new games
  • different types of game
  • talk casinos
  • top bonuses
this is where you’ve got a chance to give people the answer but not did rest there give an answer that will prompt them to click through to your site to read in more depth.


Link buildings still keep our quality link building in acquiring avoid PBM avoid spammy websites with no real visitors. There’s still a place for that traditional link building, where you’re actually quickly hung some kind of commercial relationship, but it’s going to be with the right site that is visited by real people and has something to offer.

Earned links matter

Another way to go about getting links rather than the traditional approach is to again take a quality-driven approach so use digital PR research data analysis anything you can do to create a story that will impress journalists and press, webmasters, impress bloggers and influencers and that will give a reason for them to link to you and this is what we call an earned link.

It’s Sum up there’s a lot that we can do for our site content, Google is giving us a lot of the answers, increasingly when you look at the top performers will see the common traits and SEO it’s really about maintaining a quality approach avoiding quick wins that are not really winning and broadening out the ways that you’re getting links to your site.

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