iGaming affiliate trends in 2022

iGaming affiliate trends  in 2022

Now being a successful affiliate in this industry is certainly very challenging, because you have to put up quality content all the time and stay on top of SEO trends.

The biggest challenge is the Google algorithm is, that it’s always changing, and with regards to the content finding good quality content or producing good quality content isn’t easy. Because there are about 95 million sites all doing the same thing and a lot of them will just typically rewrite the content, so you need to be a pioneer in this case.

To separate your sites from others, affiliates have to create their own content and own concept, test casinos themselves, play the games thoroughly gamble on them, and then write up the experiences afterward to make the content that is produced and designed for the higher end of the market

In slots review its important to keep up to day

Well-known Micro gaming or QuickSpin launches 20-30 games sometimes a month, on average it is around about 200 new slot games with all the different providers being launched every month.

Affiliates don’t need to cover all of them, better tend to cover the most popular games or most popular brands, because there are some brands that don’t get much traffic or don’t get too much search, so there’s no point wasting time on those and just focus on ones that people do want especially.

Changes in withdrawal behavior because of pandemic

With getting a lot more traffic there were also a lot more withdrawals more, than usual typically people would keep the money in the casino or in the and keep playing the games. But this time around people will withdraw and that doesn’t usually happen and seems that was based on a pandemic where a lot of people weren’t going to work or they weren’t people were panicking, so the withdrawals were a lot higher than usual.

Sports is back – does it worth go back to sports?

That’s a very it’s a big market, saturated market, the answer is the only in the financial aspects of it a lot better on the casino side and if there are resources do the sports side good.

Is casino streaming a new distinguish chanel?

After casino streaming more restrictions come down and with Twitch, the player value for those people isn’t very high and what’s happening now is a lot more of the casinos are more reluctant to pay higher shares or higher CPAs for that kind of traffic.

The king of traffic stays organic, PaPerClick’s good. But the best traffic is organic, especially if you can get hold of some of the the more lucrative keywords.

Regulation and other changes

In terms of regulation affiliate options, it is important and hard to keep up, because the information from it usually comes as a surprise.
Just one day move with certain e-wallets, then one moment they’re in one country and then they just disappear and then you’ve lost them over 40-50 countries.
Then you notice their venue going down, there and usually you don’t get to talk about it until the final minute,e so it’s kind of like a cat and mouse game.
Especially with for instance in the UK is changing all the time, Germany’s just changed, Holland changed and Sweden changed so it’s changing all the time.

Affiliat’ve just got to be consistent in changing focus and starting to focus on more markets – for example, Canada, and New Zealand which seem to be quite light on restrictions at the moment, but they’ll give us a good backup in case any more of the country is dropping.

Cryptocurrency casinos and opportunities for affiliates

Bitcoin casinos take on the crypto trend more online casinos to start accepting cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin casino which is probably an online casino is a really hard keyword, but anything with the word bitcoin casino together that’s probably the most difficult market to target.

There will be more crypto in the casinos at the moment they seem to accept the larger cryptocurrencies Bitcoin like Italian, but what they need to do is open up and become have there are just as many options as the exchange of some of the less known or more popular things like Dogecoin or um the new one which is Shiva coin as well which seems to be trending there should be casinos need to be open up a little bit because there’s a lot of current crypto floating around in different types of coins.

So at the moment, it seems to cover that bitcoins can crash pretty quickly when they start to crash people tend to move over to the more safe smaller options not to lose so much money.

Advice those who are thinking of starting a casino affiliate website

Prepare yourself for at least two years. Now is a lot harder, especially with the new algorithm, everything works the trust from Google will take you at least a year year and a half to gain some kind of trust to get some kind of traffic with keywords that will actually give you any kind of results.

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