How Salesforce can help iGaming companies to be ahead of the game

How Salesforce can help iGaming companies to be ahead of the game

With Salesforce you can

  • Leverage player acquisition and monetization and keep new players engaged and onboard them across the journey.
  • Monetize and cross-sell as well, there is a real-time interaction solution that can interact with players across different channels.
  • Manage your players and affiliates with portals and communities to provide really beautiful digital experiences.
  • Drive optimal employee or agent performance and reduce terminal turnover.

Salesforce service cloud to create a seamless omnichannel experience for your players so that you can engage retain and keep those players for life and avoid churn and you can create customer loyalty as well.

Businesses can leverage the solution to adopt and adhere to the various regulations and compliance regulations, and transform player and customer experience.

How Betsson and Royal Panda use Salesforce iGaming Solutions

Different companies use Salesforce in their own unique ways, for example, Betsson uses a VIP management solution.

Royal Panda uses it for the acquisition and retention of their players in creating marketing journeys. So as you can see there are multiple different ways that you can use Salesforce and just in terms of global Salesforce has over 150 000 customers and we’re always growing and supporting new customers and new industries.

Salesforce for better customer experience

Now there’s a huge opportunity for you to leverage a customer-centric platform in order to embed customer loyalty with the salesforce service cloud the right agent with the right information can meet players and customers at every digital touchpoint providing a consistent and contextual and effortless experience.

Agents can then engage across channels like live chat, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well you can create rules and triggers so that VIPs are directly right with the agents with the most experience all of this culminates in a great customer experience.

This is the type of experience we expect now and as the stats suggest 70% of customers expect – a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Salesforce player 360 is the world’s number one CRM for sales service and marketing and it’s a completely digital-first platform to meet the needs of the digital imperative for any iGaming company of any size in and it empowers businesses to provide a better customer experience.

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