How does it going to be PM in iGaming?

Be ready that there will be nothing the same and nothing stable, you will have for the growing interest in the industry.
If you are in IT or any industry like that, you just have to take it.
So if you’re up to it then you will be efficient super great and so your team will be performing very well so that’s maybe the secret, maybe not.

What are the tricky tasks PMs can face?

If we could like classify the tasks that the project manager has on a day-to-day basis that are like regular ones and these things that come up every day like a fire.

It’s all about balance, because, obviously, you will have some tasks that come up like maybe not every day, but every week, every month and for every industry, it can be different.

For example, some reports big rappers that you have to make every month you can look at it’s something bad, but when you’re like quite sometimes stressed with all the fires that come up every day, it’s like a relief to have this regular task that you can just do and in a relaxed mode just concentrate on one task that how to do and it doesn’t like need from you any big decisions, such a safe space.

It’s like to have hours of the report or for example of talking to some team as one-on-one or something like that, or retrospective, so it’s more about your attitude to the tasks because all tasks need to be done.

You just need to find like the tasks that you don’t like and see that they are something good by the way it’s not like on the task right so if you have something like you don’t like, their efforts for example, but it’s good just to breathe out when you have to do them because it’s a regular work, you know how to do them well and you don’t need to come up with something new or with some decisions or talk to a lot of people, it’s like your vacation day for satisfaction.

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