CRM iGaming – How do implement new ways to segment VIP players

20 years ago CRM looked like uploading the newsletter that was sending the clients and then detecting increased activity. Then brands started to benchmark different kinds of newsletters versus content and see where they can get the spike.
It going to send regular communication to players and try to get them engaged and back.

What aspect of business development is customer relationship management currently focused on?

Effectively, most of the efforts of CRM and retention teams are structured around gaming CRM, VIP management, maximizing player lifetime value, everything that has to do with how to align your business in a more efficient manner, and player marketing in general.

So they take leadership after affiliates finish their job

Just affiliates send their traffic to the operator and, once the operator B2C company has their player details, then it’s CRM’s responsibility to take it forward and convert to the first deposit, increase engagement and boost loyalty, push players to support, push players to become VIPs and reactivate when needed.

How do implement new ways to segment these super players?

Usually, at large VIPs, their part of that 20% of occurrences of or in a certain database is in charge of over 80 of the activity.

So for example, in a warehouse, you would find those fast movers at the entrance where the forklift is it’s faster for the forklifts to come and load and unload the items. Because 20 of the items are in charge over 80 of the transactions in out.

In iGaming it’s slightly different

Half a percent maybe one or two percentages of the players are in charge over more than half or maybe two-thirds of the income.

So there were very few ways you could call them super players that are very very important and there is an actual need to look at them differently, in different approaches when it comes to dynamic RFM is not to say “Let’s focus on those that have deposited 1 000 over the lifetime, let’s not focus on those that are that”.

Look at it from a periodical perspective, so look at those that can meet a certain threshold over time

So for example, who would be the top 10 players month over month over month, so retention KPIi would be not to meet a certain activity level when it comes to number or income, but to say to look at those that will be part of my top 10 also in the following month and in the following month.
So this actually creates a certain threshold, that moves along with the business according to how it scales up or down according to the environment.

But it’s quite unique it’s quite different but it also kind of provides a very powerful tool when it comes to management because they know that their VIPs continue to be top contributors and do not meet a certain ballpark of income and then just stay there and nobody pushes them forward because they’re already VIPs.

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