Banana Jones Slot Pokies Australian

Banana Jones Slot Pokies Australian

Real-Time Gaming put much effort into making this an all-around entertaining game.
Unlike most slot games the Banana Jones slot does not have any reels or pay lines.
Instead, the game is set out in the traditional snakes and ladders board game. Except, in this case, it is snakes and vines.
So the main aim of the game is basically to make your way up to the very top of the board and enter the temple.

You get five dice rolls aka spins and of course, your chances are better with each vine you land on along the way now naturally you would think to avoid all the snakes however landing on snakes in the banana Jones slot isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Let’s explain… during your five spins if you land on either three vines four snakes or five diamonds you also get bonuses.

Features of Banana Jones Slot

There are two main features to this game, the Treasure Wheel, and the Crystal Banana Quest feature.
The treasure wheel feature is a Wheel of Fortune type game, you have one free spin and you can win up to a 50 times multiplier.

The Crystal Banana Quest feature is where the real fun happens, once you have made it to the top of the board you will enter the temple and the feature is triggered.
Here you’ll be presented with sixteen chests each containing one of five fruit crystals. You can select a chest one by one and the feature is complete when you have found three of any one type of crystal. Each crystal of course has a different bonus value with the highest payout being the crystal banana.

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