Pentasia perspective on hiring in iGaming industry 2022

We don’t have a magic wand and you don’t have any contrary to popular belief because there’s a level of expectation in the talent industry to go and find that talent, it’s not that we have an available pool immediately and instantaneously.

Companies need to invest in their own hiring giving the responsibility or trusting recruiting agencies to support them is one thing, but it’s a partnership, it’s a two-way process.

If considering tightening regulations in Europe, could this put a halt to the industry’s growth on the continent?

Halt is quite a strong word, halter’s stop will it have an impact yes because there are factors that come into play in terms of critical mass where the talent is located.

Is it something that needs to be considered in terms of how to approach the market and hiring processes?
Does it put challenges on the client the candidate and us in partnership to try and support that hiring?
Will it put a halt to it? No, the suggestion that the vast majority of the interest this year to date has been focused around Europe and that trend is to continue.

That is what organizations are doing because you’re absolutely right it is tightening regulatory and compliance across Europe organizations are looking at new markets so there’s still an opportunity to grow it might just not be where they currently are, but that’s still feeding demand for people.

Companies are just having to be more flexible as well around thinking about how they onboard talent, where they find it, where they house it, and the nature of the engagement.

It’s just putting extra pressure around as opposed to we’re just going to build an office in location x and staff that on a five day a week basis it’s changed the mechanics of how companies want to think in action.

The US is opening up now as well is that creating an extra squeeze?

Not it is in their own country, it’s not so much from a European perspective that the difficulty in getting visas for people from Europe to enable them to move to the US. Unless you currently work for an organization that has a location you can move them if you’re trying to put people in or attract with no European location, it’s very very difficult.

What we’re seeing actually is now, that US organizations are looking at setting up a European hub to enable them to get European talent across whether it is a sportsbook, casino technology, or payments in a different way rather than trying to get them to the US which is this is very very difficult, it’s a handful not swathes of people.

MuchBetter – A Payment App For Superior Gaming on the Go

MuchBetter is a revolutionary, award-winning payment solution app for Android and iOS device users. Not only is this London-based service available across the globe, but the key features it boasts help every online gamer to use resources to maximum advantage:

  • Quick registration
  • Seamless, fast transactions in real-time
  • Instant payouts
  • Low transaction and conversion fees
  • No conventional banks restrictions
  • Dynamic CVV, device pairing, and transaction review system protect sensitive information
  • Loyalty points

How to create account MuchBetter

Here’s how to get MuchBetter up and running and use it to fund your online gaming account Download the app on the App Store or Google Play and install it on your mobile device

Next comes the super fast signup process. It takes only a few seconds to complete.

To start, enter your phone number to receive an SMS with a verification code which you will use to verify and activate your MuchBetter account.

What’s left is to top up! For regulatory purposes, provide personal data but make sure they match the ones on your government-issued ID:
first and last name,
date of birth,
country of residence,
home and email address and preferred currency.

Fund your wallet and you are ready to deposit and play!

The available options to transfer money to your MuchBetter wallet include
Visa, Mastercard
and Crypto cards – BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP.

Depending on your location. That’s it!
You’re all set and ready to start your next gaming adventure!
Once in a while, log in to your MuchBetter account to check up on Offers.

This is where the service lists all new additions, and you don’t want to miss out on loyalty points and cash rewards.

Keep an eye on the Play category: This is where you’ll find all online gaming sites that support this payment option. To narrow down the search, use filters to find casinos, poker sites, sportsbooks, or slot-oriented platforms.

Depositing process

How the MuchBetter casino depositing process actually looks like.

The only thing you need to do is enter your phone number to register your MuchBetter account at a chosen casino. The process is lightning-quick, easy, and fee-free. Once completed, proceed to play your favorite games.

Draftkings’ NFT marketplace

A bit of a history of the product

How it launched and how it works

So at DraftKings always want to provide what’s best for our customers, so they looked at their skin the game sports fan and customers and really saw that they were either participating in NFT space or interested in the NFT space, so from this data, they saw, it was really important to expand our offerings and launch new vertical.

But also what was clear that some of the competitors that we traditionally talk about weren’t venturing into the web 3.0 space yet, so DraftKings knew they would be very unique in the market to have sports betting daily fantasy casino and an NFT marketplace, and now NFT games which we’ve announced throughNFLPA partnership.

So we’re now really sitting at the intersection of web 3.0 in the culture of sports bringing curated content for our customers and this is an offering that we knew no one else would provide so we really were really excited about the opportunity.

So we launched marketplace around July-august 2021 timeline, having a core group of probably 10 engineers, three product people, two designers at that point two-three operators mega newer team and obviously a lot of businesspeople working overall on the marketplace, it was a huge effort, the team worked on that for like two months.

This was a quick turnaround to be one of the first to get to the market in terms of sports, entertainment, and NFTs, which was done.

So far DraftKings has been running a marketplace for six-seven months and had plenty of drops, usually a few two drops a week, and it was a huge success, they generated a lot of revenue and great user engagement, and because of that users of Draftkings are interested in NFTs in that space, there is a good cross-selling opportunity for the company.

Why would somebody want an NFT?

This is a very unique opportunity for the first time probably in the sort of history of the digital world where users can own a part of a favorite athlete or object like anything that athletes work with a piece of art music really anything right and this type of engagement is first a new experience and second, it provides you with a unique opportunity to own something that is special and scarce.
So you won’t find another version of it anywhere.

A good example is can be a favorite NFL game or a part of an NBA moment that you like can be sports non-sports-related so it really creates this unique bond between you as a customer consumer and an athlete or any real celebrity.

When you actually look before blockchain technology there’s always been a lot of excitement and novelty in the culture around owning something rare, something special. Maybe it’s a rare piece of art some type of rare collectible and you see a lot of that translating into this space, because non-fungible stands for completely unique so cannot be copied or duplicated or interchangeable.

So customers are really excited about owning something unique and rare and that scarcity can create value in a market.

But then on top of that, the ownership piece can be certified through blockchain technology, so being a certified owner of something is really exciting and that means that you can hold on to that collectible, because maybe you’re passionate about it represents your identity or as an owner you can choose to resell it.

That uniqueness and ownership are two really exciting parts of this technology, it’s exciting for artists, for the creator economy, if you’re an artist now because of the technology that goes along with smart contracts you can actually have a piece of the sale potentially if you attach a royalty to it so over time as these collectibles are trading you can still have a part of that is the original artist so it’s a really exciting opportunity for the art community.

People on tick-tock or artists or creators talking about how they created their own a unique piece of work and their journey and all of that stuff and it is so cool to see the growth of something like that and especially for sports fans to sure hold on to some of that is really really unique.

How does it going to be PM in iGaming?

Be ready that there will be nothing the same and nothing stable, you will have for the growing interest in the industry.
If you are in IT or any industry like that, you just have to take it.
So if you’re up to it then you will be efficient super great and so your team will be performing very well so that’s maybe the secret, maybe not.

What are the tricky tasks PMs can face?

If we could like classify the tasks that the project manager has on a day-to-day basis that are like regular ones and these things that come up every day like a fire.

It’s all about balance, because, obviously, you will have some tasks that come up like maybe not every day, but every week, every month and for every industry, it can be different.

For example, some reports big rappers that you have to make every month you can look at it’s something bad, but when you’re like quite sometimes stressed with all the fires that come up every day, it’s like a relief to have this regular task that you can just do and in a relaxed mode just concentrate on one task that how to do and it doesn’t like need from you any big decisions, such a safe space.

It’s like to have hours of the report or for example of talking to some team as one-on-one or something like that, or retrospective, so it’s more about your attitude to the tasks because all tasks need to be done.

You just need to find like the tasks that you don’t like and see that they are something good by the way it’s not like on the task right so if you have something like you don’t like, their efforts for example, but it’s good just to breathe out when you have to do them because it’s a regular work, you know how to do them well and you don’t need to come up with something new or with some decisions or talk to a lot of people, it’s like your vacation day for satisfaction.

Rocket Play Casino Review

Rocket Play Casino Review

Rocket play casino is an online casino established in 2020 and owned by Dharma NV.

License and responsible gaming

It is licensed by the government of Curacao.
Due to legal restrictions rocket play casino is not available in all countries for a full rundown of restricted countries read the casino’s terms and conditions.

Rocket play casino puts player safety high on its agenda by following the principles of responsible gaming more details about this can be found on their website.

Games selection

Rocket play provides a massive assortment of games giving players the ultimate casino experience.
In the lobby, hundreds of games await all developed by the most prominent names in the gaming industry.

Unmistakably the most extensive selection belongs to the slot category that includes

  • video slots
  • 3d titles
  • and progressive games.

Players get to explore a vast selection of table and video poker games too, while the live casino section awaits everyone looking for a good old land-based casino feel.

VIP and loyalty program

Rocket play casino boasts a 10-tier VIP program allowing players to reach a higher status by playing more.


Some of the perks include bonus spins and exclusive cashback offers.


Rocket play is always within reach as it is available on most tablets and smartphone devices. This casino uses a random number generator to keep its games fair.

Deposits and withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal process is hassle-free with high withdrawal limits and both crypto and real money banking systems.

The withdrawal time frame is fast and takes up to two hours for e-wallets and 72-96 hours for card payments and bank transfers.

Customer support

Players can easily get in touch with a casino’s customer support team using the live chat facility which is open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Rocket play positioned itself as a great new casino for players looking for a diverse game, collection safety reliable support, and endless entertainment all these qualities contributed to its superb casino rank score.

Banana Jones Slot Pokies Australian

Banana Jones Slot Pokies Australian

Real-Time Gaming put much effort into making this an all-around entertaining game.
Unlike most slot games the Banana Jones slot does not have any reels or pay lines.
Instead, the game is set out in the traditional snakes and ladders board game. Except, in this case, it is snakes and vines.
So the main aim of the game is basically to make your way up to the very top of the board and enter the temple.

You get five dice rolls aka spins and of course, your chances are better with each vine you land on along the way now naturally you would think to avoid all the snakes however landing on snakes in the banana Jones slot isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Let’s explain… during your five spins if you land on either three vines four snakes or five diamonds you also get bonuses.

Features of Banana Jones Slot

There are two main features to this game, the Treasure Wheel, and the Crystal Banana Quest feature.
The treasure wheel feature is a Wheel of Fortune type game, you have one free spin and you can win up to a 50 times multiplier.

The Crystal Banana Quest feature is where the real fun happens, once you have made it to the top of the board you will enter the temple and the feature is triggered.
Here you’ll be presented with sixteen chests each containing one of five fruit crystals. You can select a chest one by one and the feature is complete when you have found three of any one type of crystal. Each crystal of course has a different bonus value with the highest payout being the crystal banana.

Bitstarz Canada Bitcoin Casino Review

This casino is way ahead of its time since it was one of the very first Bitcoin casinos. Launched in 2014 this casino gained a pretty stellar reputation among gamers and when you dig into the platform it’s easy to understand why.
The site boasts a number of awards such as best support players’ choices and best casino.

License and Security

As one of the older online casinos and one that was at the forefront of the crypto casino revolution players can rest assured that this platform has a good reputation the company is officially registered and fully licensed to provide online gambling and gaming services by the government of Curacao.

Responsible gaming and Customer support

If a player ever feels that their gaming might be turning into more of a hindrance than a hobby they can hop over to the dedicated play safe page where they can find information on self-exclusion as well as the links to various responsible gambling organizations and support groups.

If players ever experience any further issues or have more safety concerns the support team will be happy to address and resolve them via email or their multiple social media platforms.


Players who would like to transact with other payment methods than crypto are welcome to pick one of the many trusted payment options offered by the site.

Game selection

This casino has a fairly big game library consisting of slots table games jackpot games live casino games as well as Bitcoin games.

Their selection of jackpot games definitely trumps most other casinos with titles including Mega Moolah, Poseidon, and Rainbow Jackpots.

For those who prefer table games, there are a number of variants of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many more. These also feature in the live casino section of the site and those who want to take advantage of the site’s crypto gameplay can also play some of their favorite games with Bitcoin.


Bonus offers a 125% deposit match bonus of up to 1 Bitcoin or a 125% deposit match bonus of up to 400 along with with 180 free spins.
A minimum deposit of 20 Canadian dollars is needed to claim this bonus. And please take a look at the terms and conditions to check whether your place of residence is on the restricted countries list and take note of which games are part of the 70-time wagering requirements.

Loyalty & VIP schemes at Online Casinos Explained

Do you appreciate loyalty?
Does loyalty matter to you when gambling online?

Loyalty and VIP schemes are everywhere and they would benefit you and your gambling.
Benefits of signing up for and engaging with the loyalty and VIP schemes
For some people these loyalty clubs and VIP programs can go unnoticed, so carry on reading as we explain
What they are and why they can make your gambling experience more enjoyable.

What are Loyalty and VIP schemes?

In a nutshell, a loyalty club is a vip scheme or any program of that description in place so that you stay engaged and entertained by a casino or sportsbook will do anything to keep you from gambling at arrival this is the most underlying motive behind loyalty clubs and vip schemes.

How to join loyalty schemes?

Most betting sites automatically enroll you into their loyalty scheme as soon as you register you will be on the lowest tier and the rewards won’t be much but it’s a start.
Nevertheless, it’s fairly straightforward to join one of the schemes.

What to expect from the Schemes?

The concept of these schemes is this the more you wager the better your rewards will be. So what can you expect to receive you can earn many bonuses and gifts from these schemes, such as:

  • Loyalty points to exchange for free bets and bonus money
  • Free bets for achieving a new loyalty level.
  • Cashback rewards by completing certain challenges.
  • Tangible gifts such as mobile phones, tablets, days out, and even holidays.

Why is loyalty important for players and online casinos?

The answer is simple your loyalty means more revenue for the gambling site and less for its rivals, loyalty helps to grow their community of members but this needs to be a two-way street.

Why? You should not have to show your loyalty just to help grow the revenue of the gambling site.
Ask yourself the question what do you get from the deal, make sure the loyalty scheme provides the type of bonus that you like to use.
Don’t just sign up for a loyalty club for the sake of it make sure the club fits your style of gambling.

  • If you play slot games do they offer free spins?
  • If you bet on sports regularly is there a weekly free bet club?
  • If you play live games are they included somehow?

Do you consider yourself to be a High Roller?

Do you play and bet with big stakes? A common tactic used by gambling sites is to monitor the player activity for signs of high rollers, a special team would then pick out those who meet the VIP criteria and invite them into an exclusive club.

But let’s be honest here you need to be depositing large amounts of money regularly week in and week out if you want to have any chance of joining this type of VIP scheme, some sites out there create a tiered system and this allows you to play through and gradually rise up to the vip status, the rewards and gifts get better with every tier until you reach the top.

How do I know which Loyalty scheme is right for me?

These loyalty schemes and programs may all look familiar on the surface, but the terms and conditions will vary from site to site.

Bigger gambling brands can obviously show more generosity than startup brands and so it is your job to review each one to find the right fit.

A quick checklist to check the important details

  • Check the wagering requirements on free bonuses free bets and free spins. Are they easy to clean so that you can convert them into real cash?
  • Is there a weekly minimum deposit or wagering requirement to stay in the club?
  • If so how much do you need to deposit each week to stay in the club?
  • Are there several tiers to progress through that will give you improved bonuses?
  • Is there a dedicated or loyal vip team available to answer your questions?

If they have all these elements it may be the right scheme.
Loyalty is fast becoming a key factor on both sides of the fence the sites want you to stay yet you must demand the best rewards for showing your loyalty.

PlayAmo Casino Review

PlayAmo Casino Review

PlayAmo is a nice and promising online operator that provides its players with all the things that everyone needs: a huge gaming lobby, different generous bonuses, and promotions the most convenient payment solutions, responsible customer service, and of course, fair gameplay.


The legitimacy of the gambling platform the guardian angel of your gambling adventure is the Curacao gaming license which is responsible for your safeness and tranquility in terms of honest gameplay and cash out.

The cooperation with leading game developers and top-tier payment companies is a drop in the credibility of the casino, so the gambling platform has all proof that you can gamble here without worries.

Playamo casino was established by several casino enthusiasts who wanted to create an ideal place for gambling. Playamo is a relatively new player in the gambling market despite its young age the gambling platform has overrun its competitors and conquered the hearts of many players around the globe.

What makes this online casino so famous is the secret ingredient of such popularity is a mix of a massive gaming catalog, engaging promotions, convenient payment methods, and truly honest activity.

Game selection

When it comes to the question of gambling every online casino should provide their customers with as many gaming options as possible the play armor casino allows gamblers to dive into a gambling universe and enjoy over 3500 casino games developed by recognizable game developers.

So you have literally thousands of ways to win and good news you can launch most games for free using a demo mod definitely such a massive diversity of casting options will not get you bored and you certainly find something depending on your mood or taste.

Bonuses and promotions

To make your adventures, even more, engaging the casino administration has added catching bonuses and promotions first of all new players can get benefits from a welcome package that consists of two bonuses and some free spins for the first two deposits.

The total sum of the deposit bonus can reach an age of one thousand five hundred dollars to be qualified for this generous proposition you need to enter bonus cards. Bear in mind that wagering requirements are high gamblers who are playing casino games at this casino regularly are able to get different creative rewards on a regular basis.

For example every Monday everyone can get up to 100 free spins or spin a special will and take random rewards from it. And the most loyal customers can spin the rails level update casino accounts and try to get the greatest prize a supercar, Ferrari.


If you already have a desire to get all these benefits from the play armor casino you need to play for real money the online operator allows its players to use multiple convenient payment methods to make financial transactions all the methods include popular credit and debit cards as well as crypto wallets.
The complete list of deposit and withdrawal options can impress everyone because there are so many solutions to choose from.

The minimum amount of money for deposits is ten dollars the same zoom as applicable for withdrawals talking about the processing time you can charge your account within a moment. But the reverse process takes a little bit longer and may last up to five business days.

Customer support and FAQ

Sometimes it happens when you face a problem or technical issue that cannot be solved on your own the online operator provides first-rate customer support within a minute you can reach supporting members via live chat and your problem will be in the past. If you are not in rush you can write an email and wait for the response maybe longer.

The casino’s developers prepared a fake section where you can get help with the simple answers to the most general and common questions.

CRM iGaming – How do implement new ways to segment VIP players

20 years ago CRM looked like uploading the newsletter that was sending the clients and then detecting increased activity. Then brands started to benchmark different kinds of newsletters versus content and see where they can get the spike.
It going to send regular communication to players and try to get them engaged and back.

What aspect of business development is customer relationship management currently focused on?

Effectively, most of the efforts of CRM and retention teams are structured around gaming CRM, VIP management, maximizing player lifetime value, everything that has to do with how to align your business in a more efficient manner, and player marketing in general.

So they take leadership after affiliates finish their job

Just affiliates send their traffic to the operator and, once the operator B2C company has their player details, then it’s CRM’s responsibility to take it forward and convert to the first deposit, increase engagement and boost loyalty, push players to support, push players to become VIPs and reactivate when needed.

How do implement new ways to segment these super players?

Usually, at large VIPs, their part of that 20% of occurrences of or in a certain database is in charge of over 80 of the activity.

So for example, in a warehouse, you would find those fast movers at the entrance where the forklift is it’s faster for the forklifts to come and load and unload the items. Because 20 of the items are in charge over 80 of the transactions in out.

In iGaming it’s slightly different

Half a percent maybe one or two percentages of the players are in charge over more than half or maybe two-thirds of the income.

So there were very few ways you could call them super players that are very very important and there is an actual need to look at them differently, in different approaches when it comes to dynamic RFM is not to say “Let’s focus on those that have deposited 1 000 over the lifetime, let’s not focus on those that are that”.

Look at it from a periodical perspective, so look at those that can meet a certain threshold over time

So for example, who would be the top 10 players month over month over month, so retention KPIi would be not to meet a certain activity level when it comes to number or income, but to say to look at those that will be part of my top 10 also in the following month and in the following month.
So this actually creates a certain threshold, that moves along with the business according to how it scales up or down according to the environment.

But it’s quite unique it’s quite different but it also kind of provides a very powerful tool when it comes to management because they know that their VIPs continue to be top contributors and do not meet a certain ballpark of income and then just stay there and nobody pushes them forward because they’re already VIPs.